Cat and Mouse Ver 1


God is a person who has a supreme power. He created Sun, Moon, land, ocean, human, animals etc. The creatures that He created have always opposite or common characteristics. Those things can be formed two sides. They are good sides and bad sides. That is a life!

Everyone knows that a cat and a mouse are enemies of each other. Someone said cats are good, and mice are bad. The others do not think like that. Cats and mice have opposite characteristics. Cats are big. A cat’s task is catch mouse and keeps a kitchen safely and cleanly. That is why a mouse hates a cat so much. Conversely, mice are small and sly. They love cheeses. That is their favorite food. And a big enemy of the mouse is the cat. The mouse always finds a lot of ways to annoy the cat and take cheeses from the cat’s kitchen. Therefore, you always see a scene that the cat and mouse are running and chasing in the kitchen.

In Cat and Mouse Ver 1, you control a mouse. This game needs your skill. Your task is to guide your little mouse take all of the chesses and go to the mouse hole to complete a level. However, your task is not easy. In each level, the cats go around the room. Beside the cats, there are a lot of poisons that can kill your mouse. Avoid the cats and poisons if you do not want your mouse to be killed. In each level, there are the certain chesses. And it shows at the top of your screen. Grab all of the cheese that does not hit the cats and poisons. The difficulty of the game depends on the level that you are playing. Each level has the different challenges. Using your skills to help your mouse complete all of the levels and win this game.

How to play:

Using the arrow keys to move your mouse.

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