Hardest Fruit Mario


Mario game is a familiar game with people. There are many games were created base on the image of Mario. Or some games were formed as a different version of Mario. That means the Mario game’s effect expanded in the game’s world. Hardest Fruit Mario is one of the different versions of Mario.

A magic world which has a different layer, called Egg Kingdom. One day, Mario came to the wonderful kingdom and he was extremely attracted by its beautiful. Unfortunately, the evil fruit monsters attacked and dominated this kingdom. The magic fruit soldiers are around in the Egg Kingdom. The people are freaky frightened so much. They ask Mario to fight with the evil fruits to save and protect their kingdom.

You control Mario to come the Egg Kingdom. Our hero starts his journey with a map. Complete all of spots in the map, you will win the game. Mario has 3 lives to carry out this task. There are 3 hearts in each live. You have many chances to complete this game. Each level he passed, he will come closer to the final finish. On the journey, he encounters the devil enemies. They are on the ground or fly in the sky. Some devil fruits are difficult to kill. Jump on their head at least once to kill them. Grab a lot of eggs on the way. With 10 eggs, he earns 1 bomb. Put a bomb to destroy enemies. The bomb will blow after 10 second. Watch out your step! Do not fall out of the ground. He can lean on the rock wall and slide down slowly. That way keeps him from falling. Light the torches on the way. In a level, if you go a half of the way and lose a heart, you will not restart at the beginning.

How to play:

The arrow keys are used to control Mario.
Press Space to throw a bomb.

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