Hardest Mario And Princess


Recently Mario and Princess have fallen out. They don’t like being side by side as they used to be, so they like staying alone in their castle. Unluckily, a witch uses her spells to make their way to home full of obstacles. The witch wants to take advantage of this chance to make both Mario and the princess vanish without trace, so she sets dangerous traps on their way. Each trap has its own rules to neutralize. You must observe the screen so that you can recognize the rules. In Hardest Mario And Princess, you support them in taking them back their own castles safely. The flag of Mario’s castle has letter M and the flag of the princess’ one has a symbol of a crown. They are unable to go back their home as usual. They must find out the solution to the witch’s traps. In some levels, they can’t go straight to their home; they must go like letter Z. Sometimes, to jump, they must push a mushroom down first and then they jump on the mushroom. In the beginning, when they are still angry with each other; they must try hard to overcome the trap themselves. Later when they realize that they can’t be separately together. They need to think together to defeat the ugly witch. Each time they are side by side making the witch get indignant. In the middle and at the end of the path, she uses evil spells to set malicious traps. Fortunately, Mario and the princess can restore themselves to life. If they fail to get over any traps, they will have more opportunities to try. In brief, if they don’t quit the game halfway and they cooperate well, Mario and the princess will get home soon. We hope their friendship lasts forever.

How to play:

Use A/ D to move Left/ Right. Up arrow to jump and Down to switch characters.

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