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Robot Maze Game

An absorbing story in Robot Maze Game

Robot Maze Game revolves around a robot that loves adventures and explorations. Today, he has just been heard about a complex maze known to contain dozens of valuable things, and without any hesitation, his exploration of the maze immediately goes about. After entering the door, he has been tumbled into the deepest position of the maze. Therefore, he is calling your assistance to help him not only discover everything in the maze, but also escape from here. You, participants of Robot Maze Game, are exactly people selected for this case.

Robot Maze Game

The Objective in Robot Maze Game

The structure of the game is also the inside of a maze. It means that there are many levels symbolic of rooms containing walls and wavy pathways here. Now, the robot is in the deepest room, so players are requested to take control of this character around this room to find the only key along with the red exit.

After that exit is opened, the robot can proceed to the next room, and the players continue doing the same until he reaches the surface. Remember that an allotted time is set in each of the rooms. The current level will be over if the exit has not been found within this amount of time.

Along the way, don’t forget to collect power-ups or bonuses such as clocks, maps, and hammers as each of these items is useful for each certain situation. For instance, the clocks will add some seconds to the amount of time for fulfilling each level. The hammers help to take down walls to make space for the robot as well as let him come closer to the exit.

How about the maps? As soon as the players get them, the view of the whole maze will be displayed; this will help them clearly define right directions to the exit, but they must try to remember all of the pathways because this view will disappear later.

Robot Maze Game is considered as a skill and puzzle game, so it requires every participant to make use of their clever skills and good memories to guide the robot through all rooms (levels) of the maze. It’s absolutely certain that the more difficult levels players proceed to, the more complex and meandering pathways there are. However, the more challenging things are, the more attracted players are. Experience the game in order to prove that you own the good memory and great skill of finding the exits in the maze now!

The game is enjoyed by using the left mouse.