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Welcome to The World’s Hardest Game! Patience is the key to success in this game. 50 levels are available. The requirement of this game is simple. You control a read square to collect yellow squares and avoid blue squares. The end is a green door. The title of the game warns us something, doesn’t it? Blue squares don’t stand still; they have a strategy of fixed movement.

There are 4 basic types of movement: Weave, Wheel, Loop and Belt. An appropriate strategy is a wise choice. In term of Weave, level 1 and 8 have vertical weaves; level 2, 26 are horizontal ones and a grid weave in level 11, 37. To cope up with vertical weaves, you stay away from the center and move along the top or bottom. About horizontal ones, you pop into one line and pop back into another line. To grid weaves, you combine techniques of vertical with horizontal techniques. To deal with Wheels, it’s a good idea if you stay near the center of the wheel. Level 14 uses this movement. About Loops, moving every direction first is a good strategy. Belts movement isn’t hard, too. You slowly move down and up repeatedly. Level 23 applies Belts. Among 50 levels, people find following levels most annoying.

They are level 10, 12, 18, 24, 31, 36, 37, 45, 48, 49 and 50. Some other handy tips that you should keep them in mind are: moving diagonally is faster than moving up or down, finding safe spots and choosing your player color. In addition, more than half of players increase deaths due to players’ frustration. Practicing one or twice makes you confident. In case, this game is so hard that you can’t handle it. You can watch Video Walkthrough to find specific strategy for your level.

How to play:

Arrow Keys are used in the game.

4 thoughts on “World Hardest Game v2

  1. redlyn downs

    hey! i think this game is cool but we realised we got to level 9 and it would not let us travel through the game no longer, please could you get back to me asap because i am very worried as i cannot complete this level. thankyou. i have spent months on end trying to do this and its tearung my life apart, nmy friends and family dont know whats wring with me and have disowned me due to this worlds ‘easiest’ game, however thats bullshit as im stuck on level 9


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