Worlds Easiest Game Cheats Version


Have you ever played Worlds Hardest Game before? This is a strategy and skill game. It is not easy to play. You need to have an exactly plan to go through a level. The difficulty of this game depends on each level. With 30 levels, so do think you can go through all of them? Luckily, Worlds Easiest Game was hacked by a player who has a passion for this game. It called Worlds Easiest Game Cheats Version.

With this version, your game is become easier than the original one. Control a red square through a level. On your way, there are many blue circles around you. They are moving. Avoid them if you do not want to die. Collect all of the yellow circles lie on the way. The purpose of the game is to complete 30 levels with the least death times. When you finished 30 levels, submit your score. Your result can show how many times you have died. To complete a level, the red circle starts from a beacon of beginning to a beacon of the finish that does not touch the blue circles. Some levels have one more beacons. Reach it first and then go to finish one to complete that level. On the way, if you touch any blue circles accidentally, you will return at the beacon that you reached, not the beginning. After passed 5 levels, you will receive a tip that shows you how to survive in each level. A grid of the blue circles moves many different directions. Stay away from the center and run as fast as you can. Some levels, you have to analyze and strategize clearly to complete a level. However, with the hacked version, some other levels are not difficult. The red square runs easily even if it can touch the blue circles that never die. Try to complete 30 levels to submit your score. Good luck!

How to play:

Using the arrows key to move the red square.

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