Worlds Easiest Game


Comparing to The Worlds Hardest Game, The Worlds Easiest Game is completely different. You can’t imagine how easy it is. Maybe you burst out laughing after playing some levels or in the end. Like The Worlds Hardest Game, you must guide a red square to collect yellow squares. The end of your level is the green exit door through 30 levels. You only can submit your scores when you finish 30 levels. In The Worlds Easiest Game, you don’t need to be hurry. Your scores base on how many times you die not how quickly you finish the game. There are a large number of warnings and tips in the game. Some of tips which look useful tell you to stay away from the center or analyze as well as consider carefully choosing the best strategy. Some warnings are quite serious such as you can’t beat the game or it’s impossible to get over this level and other serious warnings. However, from my own experience, the game looks like its title. There are no blue squares; it means no enemies or no obstacles are going to prevent you from reaching the exit door. You don’t need to cudgel your brains long and hard to find a solution in each level. No strategy is required here. You can move up, down or around. You enable to get close to the center of the game without hurt. You can go straight to the exit door. It’s a piece of cake. How simple it is! Don’t let warnings and tips on the screen bother you. You can both enjoy your meal during the playing time. In case you gain one death, it will be a big surprise. Share with us about how you feel about The Worlds Easiest Game, new features that you have found out. Have fun!

How to play:

Arrow Keys are used to move in this game.

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